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SPLENDOR LIGHTING is a specialist well known in custom light fixture design and fabrication. Since our founding in 1999, we have earned a distinguished reputation for creating excellent bespoke light designs and producing superb quality bespoke light fittings. By working closely with worldwide renowned interior and lighting designers, we have supplied our bespoke commercial light fixtures for world famous hotels,resorts,restaurant chains,shopping malls,casinos,bars and lounges. SPLENDOR's contract lighting specialists stand confidently behind their works. We invite you to contact us to take advantage of our professions and talents for your next contract lighting project or custom light fixture for your home.

SPLENDOR LIGHTING uses the most premium Swarovski crystal, Asfour crystal and K9 25% PbO crystal for manufacturing all bespoke chandeliers and sconces. You can send request for free crystal samples when inquiring.


A. How chandeliers dimensions are measured by Splendor Lighting?

Chandelier Measurements

B. What shipping methods does Splendor Lighting support?What is the lead time?

Splendor Lighting supports sea freight shipping,air shipping and courier shipping. We always suggest the most economic way to deliver your order. Sea freight shipping departs from port of Guangzhou,Zhongshan or Hong Kong. Please email us for a quote.

Lead time for made to order bespoke light fixtures is 12 working days.


C.What metals are the fixtures made from?

Steel,Iron,Stainless Steel,Solid Brass are the four most used metal materials for chandelier manufacturing. Materials are used on clients' specifications and manufacturing techniques.


D. What are the metal finishes?

Splendor Lighting fabricates with finishes of 24K gold,satin gold,chrome,nickle on iron,steel or solid brass.

E.Will the light bulbs come with the chandeliers ordered?

We provide your first set of 40 W incandescent light bulbs on all orders if quested. Advanced LED light bulbs are available from us,too. Please email for prices.


F.What crystals are used for my orders?

Splendor Lighting sells and ships world widely. Various qualities of crystal are offered for different clients. K9 crystals,Czech imported 30% PbO, Swarovski Spectra and Swarovski Elements are all available from us. Learn more about the crystal.


G.Does Splendor Lighting know the voltage in my country?
Yes,we fabricate all orders at clients' local standards to meet all your local regulations.


 Terms and Conditions

Changes or Cancellations

Changes or Cancellations are not valid once production begins. Splendor Lighting does not accept responsibility for any possible inaccuracies not addressed in writing.

Payments are due according to terms specified on commercial invoice. All payments should be made directly to Splendor Lighting's authorized export sales agency,RAD Trading Co., Limited

Profoma Terms
Proforma Terms are available for custom design commercial hospitality accounts. Production of product will not begin until the first 50% payment is received.

Shipping and Freight
All shipping and freight charges are the responsibility of the buyer. Freight (sea or air) shipments are charged on a same or separate bill upon shipment. It is the buyer's responsibility to provide accurate shipping instructions. Unless shipping instructions are specified on the commercial invoice, Splendor Lighting will ship by the most economical means possible. Funds will be issued if a cheaper shipping method was available.

Receipt of Goods

On receipt of the order, the buyer or consignee must carefully check that the packaging and product have arrived in good condition prior to signing the shipping bill. Should packaging arrive damaged, the consignee must accept the shipment with "a reservation" and give immediate information to Splendor Lighting and/or to the forwarding agent. All damaged packaging must be kept, as is, for a possible check or inspection by the forwarding agent. Claims for shortage or damages must be made within three (3) business days after receipt of product delivered.

Goods Ready to Ship
The buyer must collect ordered product or agree to the shipment of the goods within 7 days of the availability notification.

Delivery Date
The delivery date provided by Splendor Lighting is considered approximate and not binding. The agreed delivery date is not guaranteed. Any possible delay caused by unavoidable acts or by any inefficiency of the transportation service cannot justify a claim or order cancellation. Fixed delivery dates must be pre-agreed in advance with Splendor Lighting. Splendor Lighting recommends to schedule electricians and installers after goods are delivered and in the buyer's possession(charges not included).

Custom Sizes

Request of custom sizes, if accepted, are confirmed in writing by Splendor Lighting. Additional charges for engineering drawings and materials will apply. Custom pieces cannot be cancelled.

Metal Finishes,Glass and Crystal
Metal finish and glass or crystal colors may vary slightly due to the uniqueness of each piece.

Splendor Lighting warrants its products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for twenty years from date of delivery. Splendor Lighting at its sole option will repair or replace any product defective in materials and workmanship.

All use of the "Splendor Lighting" trademark for advertising purposes through all media (television, radio, press,internet sites or other) or communication purpose (catalogs, brochures, panels etc) requires prior written authorization from Splendor Lighting.

 How to Place an Order?

Bespoke Ceiling Light Manufacturers


● Free Crystal Sample

 World Wide Shipping- Air or Sea Cargo,Express

 20-Year Warranty

custom ceiling light manufacturers        splendorlighting.com  SINCE 1999

Splendor Lighting accepts orders in writing only by email or postal service. Verbal orders are not accepted.

Mail orders to:
Splendor Lighting
Hongkai Road,Henglan,Zhongshan,528478


Inquire Now ainfo@splendorlighting.com                                               

Step 1. Client or Splendor Lighting provides sketch(es) for bespoke ceiling lights or other fixtures design(s).

Step 2. Budget is determined and Splendor Lighting submits quotation(s) to client.

Step 3. Upon approval,Splendor Lighting issues a commercial invoice with specifications for all bespoke light fixtures and sends client a request for deposit.

Step 4. Upon receipt of the deposit,shop drawings are completed and submitted to all concerned parties for final approval.

Step 5. When approved,fabrication is completed in 12 working days and ready for shipment.

Step 6. Splendor Lighting arranges shipment and client or consignee ready to collect goods.

Step 7. Custom inspect the ordered bespoke ceiling lights and other fixtures.

We do appreciate if clients could send us feedback with installation photos.

Request For Sample

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