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Bespoke Lighting Fabrication for Casino Project SCCI-2008101 in Macau
October 30,2008

The 1,200 Pcs unwired single light crystal chandeliers were installed in the foyer of casino Grand Lisboa in Macau. Each chandelier has an imitation incandescent light bulb plated in chrome. The very unique ceiling design was from the idea of 'rain drop'.

Many guests are interested in the chandelier rain over head. The imitation designed chandeliers help the casino become a much classier one than the casinos we remember from our past.

This is the reason why all SPLENDOR staff were so excited to be selected to supply contract lighting for the foyer of the casino. Get more information on how to place an order with SPLENDOR or more advices to your hospitality lighting project. Send us email.

Project No.: SCCI-2008101

Location: Macau SAR
Dimensions:12 cm diameter x 28 cm Height
Finish: Chrome
Light Source: NO
Production Time 25 Days

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