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  • large crystal chandelier

    Stunning 18-Light Swarovski Large Crystal Chandelier

    Buy SPLENDOR brand 18-light swarovski large crystal chandelier from custom chandelier manufacturer in China. Sizes and finishes are customizable.
  • bespoke atrium chandelier lighting

    Bespoke Large Light Fitting for Atrium and Foyer

    Email for more information on bespoke light fitting design and manufacture service. Our contract lighting orders are all custom made to clients' individual specifications, made for your unique atrium or foyer. Top decorative light fitting manufacturer from China.
  • bespoke chandeliers london

    Bespoke for London UK, 33-Light Crystal Basket Chandeliers

    Bespoke sizes and finishes available for crystal basket chandeliers. Splendor Lighting is a leading manufacturer of bespoke lighting business. Well experienced specialist in bespoke lighting. All bespoke ceiling lights and other light fittings are all made at your specifications to meet the local regulations. A supplier of George Singer Lighting in UK. 

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