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  • tall crystal chandeliers

    Cheap 250 cm Tall Crystal Chandeliers for Sale

    Buy tall crystal chandeliers for high ceilings from China chandelier manufacturer. We have Swarovski or cheap Chinese crystals to offer. Various sizes for high and low ceilings are available.
  • long chandelier lighting

    SPLENDOR LIGHTING Designer Long Chandelier Lighting

    Long chandelier lighting for Sale. The long chandelier lighting fixtures are made for tall ceilings. Suitable for entryways, lobbies, foyers and staircases.
  • foyer crystal pendant lights

    Custom Empire Basket Foyer Crystal Pendant Lights

    The foyer crystal pendant lights handcrafted by SPLENDOR craftsmen can be custom made to suit your specifications. Finishes, sizes and materials are all customizable.The foyer crystal pendant lights can be fabricted with Swarovski Spectra crystal trimmings and Czech or China made crystals 30% PbO.
  • large crystal antique chandelier

    Large Crystal Antique Chandelier for High Ceilings

    Buy large chandeliers for high ceilings directly from SPLENDOR LIGHTING,the top class China lighting manufacturer. Custom antique and contemporary big chandelier lights for sale.

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