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Contract lighting supplier SPLENDOR Lighting now has its design center
September 1,2015
Contract lighting supplier SPLENDOR CRYSTAL LIGHTING  is expanding its custom design capabilities as part of a strategy to better serve clients in their hospitality projects.The company has boosted the size of the facility by nearly 40%,up to 500,000 square feet in 2010. The upgrade project completed at the same year.

The expanded facility produced three to five standard contract lighting projects a month for hotels,resorts,shopping centers and business buildings across the Europe.Both quality and pricing were well accepted by European clients.But there were still many of the clients were ordering custom design fixtures from local suppliers who offer shorter lead time(no need for sea freight shipping).But now,more customers are willing to source globally for better prices and qualities.With the abundant resources and experiences,SPLENDOR commits to provide limitless capabilities with best offers to all clients,both commercial and residential.The location of the company,Zhongshan city is named the ‘capital of lighting fixtures’ in China.

In addition to the expanded facilities,a design center was purchased and founded in 2010 to provide professional and innovative lighting design work for contract lighting clients.”Not all customers come with specified drawings and specifications,probably they just come with a brain with full of ideas”said Benson Chen,the export sales manager.This new design center will stay where it was located,but will have close relationship with the facilities and clients.In collaboration with world famous interior and lighting desingers,the capabilities of SPLENDOR’s design center is growing rapidly.

“The new design center specializes serving contract lighting clients and this will bring SPLENDOR more orders from potential clients.” said Benson Chen.For the next step,SPLENDOR is planning to build a showroom displaying its latest lighting designs and fabrication techniques.Since the core capabilities of SPLENDOR is its experience,profession and craftsmanship,the showroom will mainly present these points.

By the construciton of Shenzhong Bridge(a bridge across Zhujiang River to connect Shenzhen city and Zhongshan city),the distance from our facilities in Zhongshan to Hongkong SAR will be reduced from 2 hours driving to 40 minutes.This will also increase our advantages in global marketing,since Hongkong is both a regional and international center for business and communications.SPLENDOR has mapped a lot for its expansion on contract lighting business by providing better design,better quality and better service.

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