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The French Empire Crystal Chandeliers were clearly linked to the emperor Napoleon 1er's influence who imposed his taste for powerful decorative elements. French Empire crystal chandeliers are simple designed with little but exquisite adornments, curves and superb sculptures. Executors of the official Empire style managed to evoke within drawings Nepoleon's military ardour.

The French Empire Chandelier range has a band of unique cut crystal octagons mounted on a gold or chrome plated structure. Perfect for any room whether in traditional or contemporary style. SPLENDOR CRYSTAL LIGHTING offers flush design French Empire Crystal Chandeliers for low ceilings and large size pendants for higher ceilings. This piece has been widely accepted by the world interior designers for decades. An Empire Crystal Chandelier or Flush mount fit most spaces like lobbies,ballrooms,dining rooms,bedrooms,stairwells or corridors.

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