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Hospitality Lighting Fixture SCCI-201032 in Nanchang,China
July 17,2010

Splendor Lighting is pleased to offer our clients a variety of hospitality and contract chandeliers, pendants and guest room lamps. For your public area such as the entryway, lobby and corridor, we can offer extra large size custom decorative crystal chandeliers, wrought iron chandeliers and all other types of custom lighting fixture.


The square shaped custom flush mount chandelier lights made by Splendor Lighting,one of the leading contract lighting companies based in China. Installed in a high-end resort project in Nanchang city,China. Width 120 cm and height 160 cm. Fabricated with 25% PbO crystals and genuine quartz. 


Email Splendor Lighting with your specific hotel,restaurant or other commercial chandeliers, hospitality chandeliers, hotel pendants, hospitality pendants needs or whatever hospitality lighting fixtures you may require.

Project No.: SCCI-201032

Location: Nanchang,China

Materials:Crystal,Quartz and Steel

Dimensions: Width 120 cm, Height 160 cm

Finish: Gold

Light Source: Incandescent

Production Time 25 Days


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