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In the 18th century,a unique crystal chandelier design was named after an Austrian empress,it's Maria Theresa Chandeliers. This classic fixture design has everything a crystal chandelier should aspire to be,stunning,elegant and spectacular.

Maria Theresa Chandeliers were originally innovated from the bohemian chandeliers and were favored by the Austrian royal. This luxurious look chandelier was considered a symbol of wealth,class and taste. All  Maria Theresa Chandeliers at the beginning were in large sizes specially for the lobbies and ballrooms. Later smaller sizes Maria Theresa Chandeliers were invented for other spaces with lower ceilings as dining rooms,bedrooms and corridors. The grand Maria Theresa Chandeliers continue to make themselves a preferred choice for upscale hotels, shopping malls and all expansive spaces with high ceilings.

Today,the intricate detailed chandelier design with exquisite curves,multiple layers of glass arms and crystal pendants and bobeches also go very well with contemporary themes.If you dont want to customize a chandelier for your lobby or ballroom,a Maria Theresa Chandelier is always your best choice. SPLENDOR LIGHTING offers different sizes of Maria Theresa Chandelier for different sizes of room. With the abundant experience and resources, SPLENDOR is able to manufacture large Maria Theresa Chandeliers with more than 130 light arms.

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