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What is a contract lighting fixture manufacturer?
November 11,2015
When we google ‘lighting fixture manufacturers’, some results with ‘contract lighting manufacturers’ may come out.To most interior designers,contractors and hoteliers,this phrase is not new to them,but how does it relate to regular lighting fixture manufacturers?

Basicly,contract lighting fixtures are lighting fixtures designed and installed for commercial applications. Contract lighting fixtures are used by hotels, resorts,casinos,shopping malls,offices,bars,restaurant chains and high end residential interior decoration projects.Any fixtures used for the purposes above could be named contract lighting fixtures.

Contract Lighting Fixture Manufacturers

When a contract lighting manufacturer designs and fabricates a lighting project for its client,the fixtures used for the project have to meet a very high standard to meet the standards of the client’s market and individual specifications.Both quality and warranty refer to the official sales contract signed by manufacturer and client.

Mostly,the consumers of contract lighting fixtures are commercial clients.But this doesn’t mean that we could tell the differences between the commercial lighting fixtures and residential ones,they have almost nothing different in appearances.

Because contract lighting fixtures are intended for heavier and more frequent commercial uses,they need to be more durable designed and fabricated.It concludes that when you are ordering lighting fixtures for your projects,you should ensure that your manufacturer offers a minimum warranty of 5 years,some fine manufacturers may offer 10 years or even longer warranty.

A contract lighting fixture such as a large crystal chandelier for a hotel lobby needs to be able to particularly strong and durable.To most hotels,lobby chandeliers usually works 24 hours a day.It’s a chanlledge to the fixture itself.You can’t imagine if it’s not manufactured at a higher standard to meet your special needs different from residential users.

Quality is the top factor to a contract lighting project though budget is very important as well.But low budget means nothing when quality is not even good.The better quality your fixtures have,the better return on investment you will get.

large chandelier manufacturers la

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